Front Range Fun

Over the past few months, I’ve checked out some of the parks that are considered part of the Front Range, and are close to home. Most are part of the Jefferson County Open Space system and contain networks of gently winding switchbacks with good elevation gain. Alderfer Three Sisters and Bergen Peak hikes are located in Evergreen, just under an hour away, and are great for those lazy Sundays when you want to sleep in a bit and then go for a 10-15miler to work up an appetite for brunch. The stairs at  have provided me with some great stair workouts (and yes, I will admit, I did start humming the Rocky song in my head). I have to say though, Mt Falcon has to be my favorite Front Range haunt by far – perfect for after work runs, it’s nicely graded yet provides ~1,000ft gain in about four miles.DSC04274


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