The Sun Sets on 2018

What better way to celebrate New Year’s than to leave the snow and miserable cold and head out to some sunshine on the beach. No, I’m not headed to a tropical island (this time!) but California will do. San Francisco City Tour + New Year’s at a quaint beachside hotel in Monteray is nearly perfect. … More The Sun Sets on 2018


Road Trip! Utah! During my time in CO the two have almost always gone together. Whenever the chance to get away for a long weekend has presented itself, I’ve frequently jumped on I70 and just headed west. When Colorado is already getting chilly and has snowdrifts on top of 14’ers, I can always count on … More Moaaaaaaaaaab!

Missouri Lakes in Colorado

I’ve always been fascinated by states that name cities and roads after other cities and countries, like Paris, Texas. Apparently hiking destinations are no exception – at the end of June I visited Missouri Lakes in Colorado, and let me tell you, the experience was MUCH more enjoyable than visiting the state of Missouri. It … More Missouri Lakes in Colorado