Arches, and Hoodoos, and Red Rocks, Oh My!

Ok, so no Arches (as in Arches National Park) this time around, but heading West from Moab, I finally got to visit Capitol Reef National Park. Being on a short schedule, I didn’t get to explore the park as much as I wanted, and the one part I saw didn’t impress me terribly. I would say the drive towards Capital Reef was more impressive than anything. But really, entire state of Utah in my mind is just breathtaking red walls and canyons. What I did really enjoy though were the postcards in the visitor’s center – the classic National Parks postcards from decades ago have experienced a revival in popularity, and it seems there’s a sub-genre of the classic designs combined with old, classic cars (the beetles, or the mini-trucks with the rounded fronts). Those looked really cool, and if you’re one of the few lucky ones, you just might receive one of them shortly. After a pit-stop at Capital Reef (final destination was a buddy’s place in St. George, Utah, right outside of Zion), Bryce National Park was next on the list. Luckily, I got to the park close to sunset, and had just enough time for a 3mi loop (the most popular in the park) that goes down to the canyon’s bottom and comes back up, all through magnificent collection of Hoodoo formations. During this Golden Hour, the formations around me positively sparkled with the light of the setting sun. Given more time, I’d love to run through the park on a much longer trail.