Road Trip! Utah! During my time in CO the two have almost always gone together. Whenever the chance to get away for a long weekend has presented itself, I’ve frequently jumped on I70 and just headed west. When Colorado is already getting chilly and has snowdrifts on top of 14’ers, I can always count on Utah’s parks to offer sunshine and heat well into the Fall. Many people realize this factor, and the region’s popularity is evident in all the RV’s and trucks taking up the BLM roads for camping. This time in Moab I decided to try a different area, which promised to be much less crowded. Going north, rather than south, from I-70 by Moab, I landed at XXX canyon. Just a few miles past the gas station, it looked like no man’s land – just desert, and no one around for miles. Plenty of spots to pitch tent. Sunset was amazing on the walls of red canyons surrounding me, and … I can’t speak for the sunrise as I slept through it. Online sources described a ghost town and some petroglyphs that were supposed to be nearby, but after a few hours of scouting the area unsuccessfully, I gave up. Perhaps next time.