The Sun Sets on 2018

What better way to celebrate New Year’s than to leave the snow and miserable cold and head out to some sunshine on the beach. No, I’m not headed to a tropical island (this time!) but California will do. San Francisco City Tour + New Year’s at a quaint beachside hotel in Monteray is nearly perfect. A friend clued me in on free city tours given by volunteer guides in SF every day (, and that turned into a great way to see and learn about a particular section of the city. The tour I took was all about the history of the many Victorian-style homes dotting the city, ending with the famous Painted Ladies. New Year’s eve was spent with a short walk on the beach and a binge run to Trader Joe’s and a liquor store. The hotel had evening wine and appetizers which went perfectly with the outdoor hot tub and the slightly nippy air. TJ treats & rose-all-day (j/k) helped ring in a sweet new year by the in-room fireplace. January 1st was a warm and sunny 50 degrees, perfect for a stroll along the coast line.