Bay Area through the Telescope

I spent a few days in the San Francisco Bay Area, before heading back home, and let me tell you, there’s way more exciting spots / hikes / restaurants / museums to check out here than in Denver. Right above San Jose, at the top of a crazy 18mile winding road ascent is an observatory from mid 20th century, with a HUMONGOUS telescope – the docent gave an informative tour of the building, and specifically of the telescope’s construction, and how the entire floor of the building acts like an elevator platform to bring the Astronomers up to the viewing platform when the roof opens and the scope gazes out at the sky. It was a monumental scientific achievement for the time period when it was built/invented, but sadly the technology is now outdated. There are a few smaller telescopes on the property (still larger than multi story buildings, even the smaller ones) that are fully functional and used by scientists for research. On the other days I had free, I hiked some trails in the nearby parks (one being Big Basin Redwoods state park – the oldest state park in the California State Park system!). It was awe-inspiring to walk through towering redwood groves. I just can’t get enough of these trees. Am leaving visiting San Francisco for the next trip,so stay tuned!