Colorado <3

Some people never like to hike the same trail twice, but for me the first time I typically visit a place, I move quickly to get to the summit, and it’s the next visit where I take my time and stop to enjoy the views. Growing up in Arizona, there was really only one season in the year: HOT. Not so in Colorado. I recently was lucky enough to experience gloomy, foggy weather in the mountains that was more reminiscent of Scottland, rather than the typically sunny Colorado. I’d hiked up to Willow Lake (at the foot of Challenger and Kit Carson 14’ers) near Crestone late in the evening, getting to camp just at sundown. The weather seemed ominous, with clouds sitting low on the jagged peaks. I set up the tent and after a quick bite hit the sack. By next morning, the weather hadn’t changed – it was still foggy, with little visibility, and quickly moving fog. By the time I hiked up to the top of the lake, it had cleared up a bit, and the view was breathtaking. Where there was snowcover just a month ago, there were now gushing streams and waterfalls.