Ho, Ho, Ho

Happy Holidays! So in Arizona, we’d typically celebrate Christmas in shorts and t-shirts. Not so much in Colorado.  Some friends reserved spots in a CMC hut so over the long weekend, while others were enjoying eggnog in the warmth and comfort of their living rooms, we headed to the mountains through blizzards and over icy … More Ho, Ho, Ho


Viva Las Vegas

The beautiful thing about Colorado is that most people living here are transplants from somewhere else too, and even on holidays like Thanksgiving it’s easy enough to find company for a ‘Friendsgiving’ roadtrip to Vegas. We took five days to drive there and hike through Mesa Verde (ancient cliff dwelling), Zion (Angel’s Landing), Buckskin Gulch … More Viva Las Vegas

And the Whole World Went Dark in the Blink of an Eye

Like most Coloradoans at the end of August, we hastily packed and hopped onto I-25 heading north, into the path of totality. It was my first visit to the state of Wyoming, and it didn’t disappoint. We decided on a two night backpacking trip in the Medicine Bow National Forest Area, and then drove east … More And the Whole World Went Dark in the Blink of an Eye

Bronson does NY(C)

I recently visited NYC for the first time, and what an interesting experience it was – crowds, skyscrapers, overpriced dinners, a myriad of different pizzerias to try (brick oven thin crust definitely wins over deep dish – sorry Windy City folks),  and a million things happening everywhere all at once. It was a bit overwhelming … More Bronson does NY(C)

Heeeeere’s Johnny!

I think every Coloradoan should spend at least one weekend in Estes Park and check out the Stanley Hotel, which served as an inspiration (though not the setting) for Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’. Even without staying at the hotel, you can park in town and walk over to the hotel for an hour long tour. … More Heeeeere’s Johnny!

Playing the Tourist

  Ok, I’ll say this right now, I don’t generally like playing the tourist when visiting national parks and monuments, I’d much rather be hiking up the mountain or dropping down to the bottom of the canyon rather than looking at it from a viewpoint that I drove to. HOWEVER, exceptions do get made. I … More Playing the Tourist

Summer Backpack

Sometimes there’s nothing better than when a buddy calls you up Friday morning and says, ‘hey, pack your stuff – we’re backpacking this weekend’. A few of us answered the call, and showed up Friday afternoon at the trailhead for Beartrack Lakes, in Mt. Evans Wilderness. The trail comes in from the backside of Mt. … More Summer Backpack


I’ve spent the past 10 months reading up on FKTs through this site [FKT ProBoards] I’ve also learned a lot about what is expected from the FKT community to meet the burden of proof. I have a few attempts planned this summer starting with the Colorado Trail (unsupported) on July 9th and in order to … More ANNOUNCEMENT