Ho, Ho, Ho

Happy Holidays! So in Arizona, we’d typically celebrate Christmas in shorts and t-shirts. Not so much in Colorado.  Some friends reserved spots in a CMC hut so over the long weekend, while others were enjoying eggnog in the warmth and comfort of their living rooms, we headed to the mountains through blizzards and over icy mountain passes. A six mile snowshoe through snowdrifts that were at times knee high brought us to a large wooden cabin, equipped with wood and gas stoves, a large sitting area on the main level, and multiple private rooms upstairs. It was really cool that the pit toilets were outside, but under an extension of the roof awning so you didn’t even have to put boots on to go pee. And adding to the creature comforts was a fantastic little sauna, just fifty paces outside the back door. In spite of being heated by a simple wooden stove, we were able to get it up to 190 degrees, and regularly took turns running outside and belly flopping onto the snow to cool down (sorry, not pics of THAT feat). We spent two nights in the hut, including Christmas Eve, and Christmas day, then hiked back home. It was a blast and maybe even the start of an annual tradition?