Viva Las Vegas

The beautiful thing about Colorado is that most people living here are transplants from somewhere else too, and even on holidays like Thanksgiving it’s easy enough to find company for a ‘Friendsgiving’ roadtrip to Vegas. We took five days to drive there and hike through Mesa Verde (ancient cliff dwelling), Zion (Angel’s Landing), Buckskin Gulch (slot canyon near the Wave), and oh yea, Arizona Hot Springs (natural hot springs within an hour’s drive of Vegas). Haha, sorry if it sounds like a bit of name dropping, there just were a ton of cool spots during the drive. And don’t even get me started on Vegas – it was my first time there, we checked out all the free shows, and even bought one of those all-day passes that got us into the top attractions – Eiffel Tower, New York rollercoaster, Bodies exhibit, etc. And the poker tables … man, all I’ve got to say, it was a good time. Can’t wait to go back.