And the Whole World Went Dark in the Blink of an Eye

Like most Coloradoans at the end of August, we hastily packed and hopped onto I-25 heading north, into the path of totality. It was my first visit to the state of Wyoming, and it didn’t disappoint. We decided on a two night backpacking trip in the Medicine Bow National Forest Area, and then drove east to car camp on national forest land and witness this nearly once in a lifetime event. The backpacking was really fun – with a beautiful camping spot by a lake, surrounded by scraggly peaks, and getting to witness the eclipse was really something. Without the special glasses, you couldn’t really see any difference in the hour leading up to it, but with the glasses you saw the moon slowly move in front of the sun. We gathered on a hill above the plains in order to have a 360 degree view. For the five minutes around totality, it was as if a sunset and sunrise happened around us on fast forward. It was actually a bit ominous as well – as it was getting darker, the wind picked up and there was a chill in the air. And then the sun was shining again and it was all over, and it the drive back was even worse than I-25 during rush hour. Definitely worth it though. I’m already planning where to watch the one in 2024.


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