Playing the Tourist


Ok, I’ll say this right now, I don’t generally like playing the tourist when visiting national parks and monuments, I’d much rather be hiking up the mountain or dropping down to the bottom of the canyon rather than looking at it from a viewpoint that I drove to. HOWEVER, exceptions do get made. I visited Black Canyon of the Gunnison over Labor Day Weekend, driving up the North Rim one day, and catching a sick, foggy sunset on the way back, and touring the South Rim the next, this time watching the sunset from the aptly named Sunset point (have you noticed how pretty much every national park has a spot named ‘Sunset’??). We stayed in the town of Gunnison and on our last day visiting the Gunnison Pioneer Museum – what we thought would be a small collection of random historical junk turned out to be an extensive property with no less than 15 buildings, each housing little bits of Colorado history, each one with a certain theme, and a HUGE hangar with an extensive collection of antique cars. It was really cool, and I would highly recommend dedicated a full day to exploring every nook and cranny of the place. The three hours we spent there flew by way too quickly.


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