Heeeeere’s Johnny!

I think every Coloradoan should spend at least one weekend in Estes Park and check out the Stanley Hotel, which served as an inspiration (though not the setting) for Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’. Even without staying at the hotel, you can park in town and walk over to the hotel for an hour long tour. With the right guide (ours was super animated and made even the most insignificant factoids sound fun), the tour is well worth it. Another often-overlooked attraction is a hike over on Lumpy Ridge. During the Fall, and peak foliage season, getting into Rocky Mountain National Park can be a hassle. If you don’t show up before 8am, it can take up to a couple of hours just to get into the park. Lumpy Ridge, located within a ten minute drive of Main Street in Estes, offers a great alternative for some hiking.


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