Playing in Colorado’s Sandbox

Though I’ve hiked a couple of 14’ers in the area, I’ve never made it to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. This warm, Spring weekend presented a perfect opportunity to check this spot off of my Colorado to-do list. Not wanting to camp in the dune fields themselves, we decided to head to the park … More Playing in Colorado’s Sandbox


Front Range Fun

Over the past few months, I’ve checked out some of the parks that are considered part of the Front Range, and are close to home. Most are part of the Jefferson County Open Space system and contain networks of gently winding switchbacks with good elevation gain. Alderfer Three Sisters and Bergen Peak hikes are located … More Front Range Fun

Hanging Lake

I know, I know. Everyone and their mother has been there hundreds of times. Still, there’s just something magical about this lake high up in the canyon, with it’s turquoise see through waters, and hundreds of little streams cascade down from the waterfall above. Whenever there’s time, I like to stop here for a short … More Hanging Lake

Backyard Skiing

What’s a runner to do when it dumps a foot of snow on the city overnight? If you’re in Denver, go skiing, of course! Hailing from Arizona originally, I’d never had much exposure to the flurries outside of my hike on the PCT and the snowy sections of the Sierras. Hence when it snowed, I … More Backyard Skiing

New 14ers added

I added a few pics to the page including the dangerous Maroon and Crestone peaks. I still have Pikes Peak to do and one other undecided to put me at the half way mark to cap off the season.