Backyard Skiing

What’s a runner to do when it dumps a foot of snow on the city overnight? If you’re in Denver, go skiing, of course! Hailing from Arizona originally, I’d never had much exposure to the flurries outside of my hike on the PCT and the snowy sections of the Sierras. Hence when it snowed, I was super excited about heading to the local REI and renting a pair of cross country skis to try out in my area and around the neighboring park. Cross count (or Nordic) skiing turned out to be pretty fun. Apparently you only need a couple of inches of fluffy snow, and off you go. The leg movements were like exaggerated running motions with super long strides, and the poles helped prolong the glide. Since there wasn’t a groomed trail, it took a few times of going back and forth in the same line to make a track, and then gliding along it was a blast. I think next year I’ll give xc skis another shot and check out a resort or two, like Eldora or Devils Thumb Ranch.


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