Train-ing all the way to the Border

The Colorado/Utah border, that is. What do you do when it’s still wintry and cold, and you’re yearning for some warm weather? You head west towards Utah, of course! About 4hrs along I-70 brings you to the McInnis Canyon area – it’s still Colorado, but full of red-rock canyons and sandstone cliffs that resemble Utah’s terrain.  Car camping at one of the designated sites in the area, we first hiked down to the Colorado River, then up to the bluffs overlooking the river and the valley beyond. Daytime temps were in the 60’s and perfect for running, while the chilly evenings made sitting by the campfire a perfect past time. On the way back, we stopped for a short hike to stretch the legs at the Book Cliffs near Palisade, CO.


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