Summer Backpack

Sometimes there’s nothing better than when a buddy calls you up Friday morning and says, ‘hey, pack your stuff – we’re backpacking this weekend’. A few of us answered the call, and showed up Friday afternoon at the trailhead for Beartrack Lakes, in Mt. Evans Wilderness. The trail comes in from the backside of Mt. Evans, using a different road to get there than the one used to drive to the top of the 14er and our backpacking trip coincided with the first weekend this road was open after the winter season. The hike itself was relatively simple and relaxing – low mileage, gentle trails. The abundance of bugs and mosquitoes definitely surprised me, and not in a nice way. First night we only hiked in ~2 miles or so to a shelter, and spent the second night at the lake. Some hiked to the second lake which is a few miles further than the first, and required crossing a snowfield to get there. The hike out on Sunday was short and we were back in town in time for brunch. All in all an easy and relaxing weekend, and a good opportunity to catch up with friends.


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